Jerusalem and Bethlaham

This was the first of only two guided tours we took, the other was Petra in Jordan.  While we could have toured Jerusalem by ourselves, I recommend doing it with a tour group the first time or you will spend most of your time trying to find where things are.  I also recommend that you use a tour van or tour car and not the tour bus.  The van seats 12 and the guide was very knowledgeable and .got to know all of us by name.  Unlike the tour bus which seats over 40 we went to small places to shop or to eat because we were a much smaller group.  We also got to spend more time at each stop because it took less time to get off and on the van.

Probably the only disappointment of the tour was a mistake on our part in taking the trip on Saturday.  While the Christian holy day is Sunday, the Hebrew and Muslim holy day is Saturday.  We managed to see many of the Hebrew holy places but the Muslim places were closed to the public on the Holy Day.