Sea Of Galilee

The trip to the Sea of Galilee was the first trip that we did on our own.  Darrell found that there was a bike rental place in Tiberias where we could rent bikes for about $10 each.  The bikes were very old, "rustic" mountain bikes.  They at least were well oiled and only suffered a little on shifting.

The tour book said "Bicycles are avaiable for hire and many people will find this a nice way to tour from Tiberias south along the beach.  For those who wish a little more challenging trip can ride around the entire Sea which is approx 57 Km.."

In reality most people will find the trip from the bike shop to the end of the beaches south of Tiberias and back enough to do them in for the rest of the day.  We did not know that, though and after the bike shop talked with me and determined that I road a lot they gave us bikes and suggested we go North first because we would go over the tough parts first. I remember the words "just a few hills"

As it turns out, the 57Km